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What is Depression?

Depression is classified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a mental illness that has an effect on the chemical balance in the brain, the mental illness itself is characterised by a persistant mood of exhaustionand the lack of motivation or interest in activities, causing significant damage to everyday life.

What is Depression Caused by?

While we do not know exactly what causes depression, a number of things are often linked to its development. Depression usually results from a combination of recent events and other longer-term or personal factors, rather than one immediate issue or event.

if you would like to read on about those factors click here, which will take you to beyond blues website on the possible causes and factors of depression.

Facts About Depression:

There is no single cause for depression; rather a combination of stress and a person's vulnerability to developing depression.

The predisposition to developing depression can be inherited.

Other biological causes for depression can include physical illness, the process of ageing and gender.

Stress can trigger depression but understanding its particular meaning to the person is important.

Certain temperament and personality styles pose risks for developing non-melancholic

Depression is treatable so act fast on getting someone diagnosed 


For more facts about this subject the black dog institute have done a PDF on facts and causes here.


Who To Contact

There are many ways to help someone with depression these are some ways that can help people facing depression and other mental illnesses that are troubling your society. These organisations help people of all ages and races so if you are affected by depression or any other mental illness please contact one of these organisations.


Kids Helpline

1800 55 1800

Click the link here for more information

Kids helpline offers free, private and confidential, telephone and online counselling service specifically for young people aged between 5 and 25. They councell for any varity of issues at anytime whether that be day or night.



1800 650 890

Click the Link Here for more information

  Headspace is a free online and telephone service that supports young people aged between 12 and 25 and their families going through a tough time. Headspace also offers a service in person where you can talk to someone.


Black Dog Institute

Click the link here for more information

This is a good place to find signs and symptoms of people with mental illnesses Those are just some of the websites on the internet that provide a service that helps metal illnesses so take their advice and seek help.

Youth Beyond Blue

Here is the link to their webpage.

This website is a user friendly website that explains things very clearly and can help with other mental issues.


About us

This website is dedicated to those who suffer and people who know those who suffer from depression and/or anxiety to educate them on what to do and where to seek help. The reason that my partners and I created this website was to make sure that every generation of people is informed about the mental ilnesses that are affecting anyone across the globe, if you have any suggestions and/or complaints for this website please contact me at .