Vaping Community Information Night

About this event
E-cigarettes or vapes are devices which heat a liquid to become an aerosol which is inhaled by the user. There is a significant amount of false information available claiming that vaping is safe, but e-liquids are known to contain a variety of dangerous chemicals.

In this Community Information Night hosted by Bendigo Community Health Services (BCHS), several key presenters will provide parents, carers, young people and other concerned community members with relevant and up-to-date information about vaping.

BCHS Health Promotion officers will provide the latest health information relevant to e-cigarettes
BCHS Youth Alcohol & Other Drug Counsellor will share information about nicotine addiction in young people, navigating conversations with young people and referral pathways for treatment for nicotine/vaping addictions
City of Greater Bendigo Environmental Health Officer will detail the Council’s role in monitoring the retail of e-cigarettes and actions which community members can take to report illegal e-cigarette sale
Our presenters will then sit on a panel and answer questions submitted by anyone in attendance.

When: Wednesday 12th October, 5.30pm

Where: Online

Registrations free and essential.


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