Student Leaders (2020)

Student Leaders

Bendigo South East College deeply understands and values that our students have unique perspectives on learning, teaching, and schooling, and should have the opportunity to actively shape their own education. We know that student voice involves students actively participating in their schools, communities and the education system, contributing to decision making processes and collectively influencing outcomes by putting forward their views, concerns and ideas.

Below are the group photos of our student leaders for 2020.

2020 College Captains & Vice Captains

Captains Vice Captains
Eliza Wilkinson
Liam Duivenvoorden
Jobe Thomson
Jonah Zoch

2020 Student Representative Council

Lily Johns-Hayden, Brianna O’Bryan, Jobe Thomson, Eliza Wilkinson, Liam Duivenvoorden, Jonah Zoch, Halle Blake-Burrows, Isabella White.

Alexandra House Leadership

Toby McCaig, Ben Elkington, Lexie Moss, Tayla Spedding, Sophie Castle, Zachary Lord.

Fortuna House Leadership

Thomas Purcell, Edward Jenkyn, Jasmine Chambers, Zalli Lau, Ruby Draper, Madi Fry.

Rosalind House Leadership

Andrea Cores-Rios, Zaren Fong-Sutton, Nyah Brits, Luke Salvador, Emily Wright, Liam Thomas

Shamrock House Leadership

Cody Draaisma, Ella Flavell, Murphy Watson, Taylor Mitchell, Max Quinn, Ebony Butcher

Arts Leaders

Front row (left to right): Oliver Martin, Jenna Barton, Ruby Doherty-Lacy, Ethan Teasdale, Adeline Sanders, Declan Pridham. Back row (left to right): Joshua Condon, Geordie Gillis, Austin Robbins, Tas Careedy, Hanley Rorke, Grace Measor.

Co-curricular Leaders

Front row (left to right): Mackenzee Porter, Charlotte Fairthorne, Abby Bentley, Kaleah Bonanno, Danica Bertani, Jeanette Ross, Hannah Margariti Mangan, Campbell Tangey, Dermott Bell. Back row (left to right): Sam Scholtens, Sophie Boxshall, Mats Lodewijks, Luke Peck, Emily Dunstan, Octavia Di Donato, Zali Muscatello, Abbey Seaward, Beau Derby, Casey Wills, Gabby Bovaird, Riley Johnstone-McLoud, Luke Anderson, Riley Roberts

Environment Leaders

Jack Brady & Edward Harrison

Wellbeing Leaders

Front row (left to right): Hayley Neave, Alyssa Panayi, Sophia Jacobs, Brandi Stewart, Mia Reade, Isabelle Dole, Tae Reid. Back row (left to right): Lauryn Kelly, Riley Lythgo, Arabella Findlay, Joseph Corcoran, Jorja Hufer, Shameka Russell, Deyani Raplh-Pryor, Leah Thorpe. Absent: Jaime Thomas