Music Program


Our annual ‘Come and Try night?’ will be held in the BSE Theatre on Thursday 24th October. There will be two session times, the first at 5:00pm and the second at 7:00pm. All current students and 2020 enrolments are welcome!


BSE offers a Specialist music program to students who want to develop their skills to a high standard. The Music Program is committed to delivering a student focused, highly engaging environment in which students can develop their ability to play and appreciate music.

We are proud of the high standard our students display in performance, and the fun they have achieving this with flow-on benefits such as: improved organisation; self-discipline; friendships; enhanced academic performance. Each year a high percentage of our top academic award winners are students who are enrolled in the Music Program.

For all enquiries please contact Stephen Briggs by phone (on 5443 4522) or email (at

2020 BSE Music Program Application Pack is now available. Click below to access.

2020 Music Application – Click here.

There are four essential components of our program:

Instrumental Music Lessons

Students receive instrumental tuition from highly qualified instrumental music teachers. Lessons are tailored to the students needs. Beginning students are given lessons in small groups where peer-to-peer support and feedback is as powerful as teacher direction. These are fun, hard-working sessions where students learn about the fundamentals of music. As students progress we offer individual lessons where students can get specific expert assistance in developing their skills

Ensemble Rehearsal

We believe in developing the attribute of teamwork. Ensembles are more than just playing music. They are about making connections – to friends who share a passion for music, to mentors and teachers who are committed to learning, and to musical masterpieces. Students receive two 90-minute ensemble rehearsals per week.

Performance Experience

There is no better way to learn than to have an opportunity to perform! Through the experienced mentorship from staff, students will gain experience in performance practice. They will develop skills in preparation and organisation for performance, and learn how to create engaging and confident performances.

Extension Ensembles

We offer audition/invitation only ensembles that perform at an elite level. These ensembles demand a high level of commitment, but also offer the rewards of performing