Message from the Principal - Term 1 2020

Friday 31st January 2020 – By Mr Glen Donald – Principal of Bendigo South East College

Welcome to BSE for the 2020 school year!

Your child’s enrolment at BSE is part of an important relationship. The years of secondary schooling will be vital ones for your son or daughter. It is important that we (our school staff), and you (the carers), form a strong relationship. Together, we will watch your child grow towards adulthood and see 4 years, 160 school weeks, and just under 800 school days go by quickly.

I believe the home-school partnership is a crucial one. Your home is the strongest educator and influence upon your child. BSE builds on that foundation. We need your support. We wish to provide a quality education for every child. The high expectations we have in attendance, effort in classwork and homework, dress, behaviour and involvement in whole school activities can only be met realistically when we support each other.

I wish to acknowledge the greatest asset any school has – the staff. A school is only as good as the staff (teaching & non-teaching), who care for our students every school day (and some non- school days). Our staff are among the best in the state and the majority of the credit for our great school results in academic, sporting and cultural pursuits needs to go to them.

The same teachers, who love the work they do, love the time they spend together, and love the time they spend working with your children – all of your children.

Our teachers set goals for students in their classes and also assist students to set their own goals for learning. Teachers will focus on your child’s learning. They’ll focus on improving your child’s reading of complex texts, and composing narrative, expository and persuasive pieces of writing. They’ll seek to improve your child’s ability to compose and decompose numbers, subtract fractions and solve realistic and meaningful word problems. All of those skills are measurable. But just like you, they’re not the only aspects of a child’s development we care about. We, too, care about our students’ abilities to show initiative, be creative, demonstrate empathy and truly respect themselves and others.

I spoke at the first school assembly this week about the value of Respect. Our social and family ethics of behaviour have been determined by our admiration for such values. Respect is a value which all of us should acquire consciously knowing well, how important it is for us to behave as ethical citizens at BSE and in the community. I asked all of the BSE community to make 2020 a year where we focus on respect for ourselves, each other and our environment.

Respect the right of all students to learn and teachers to teach.
Respect the right of all students and staff to have a safe environment.
Respect – Show it, earn it.

Respect is the very lifeblood of a healthy human community. Make every interaction a healthy one based on respect.

The norms of human behaviour change in our fast changing social life, but the status of ‘respect’ should remain constant. We want, just like employers around the world, individuals who can cooperate and collaborate with others, who respect another’s point of view and know how to pick themselves off the ground when they stumble or fail.

Because if we’re going to keep children excited about learning, love going to school and retain their sense of wonder about the world around them, we have to respect what we know about how children learn and grow. We need to give them ample time in the grounds where they use language to solve problems and create rules. They need to have time on the oval without adult intervention, to play games without referees and solve problems on their own as they invent new games. And they’ll make mistakes figuring that all out, and we’ll help them do better the next time, just like you do every day.

Whether they are creating their futures in the world of work, study, recreation or relationships, I know that this school helps to provide students with the opportunity to create positive futures. It is the people and the culture of this school that will value-add to your child.

I wish everyone a great year.