Enrolment at the College

Welcome prospective parents and students of our college community!

We know that making a decision about your secondary college is a ‘big one’ and finding the ‘right’ college is important. To help you begin making this decision, we recommend you have a look at the information available on this website and contact us on 5443 4522.

To ensure that you are in the Bendigo South East College zone, please check on www.findmyschool.vic.gov.au.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive information on my allocated school?
Notification of placements will be distributed by Wednesday 7th August 2019 via your student’s primary school. Enrolment packs will be distributed in August. Transition information will be distributed in October.

What if I live outside Bendigo South East College zone?
You have the right to apply for any Bendigo 7-10 school. This will not be an automatic acceptance and there will be a process through which appeals are considered. Please check your permanent address at www.findmyschool.vic.gov.au

If I have had a child/children at Bendigo South East College in the past will my child be accepted?
If you are outside the zone for Bendigo South East College and currently have a child attending, you are entitled to make a sibling’s claim. You need to specify this on your application form. Applications for a sibling claim cannot be processed for former students of the College. Be aware that a sibling claim is also not an automatic acceptance.

I would like to apply for the Athlete Development Program or Academy of Creative Arts, who do I contact?
You may visit the Performing Arts or the ADP Hub to get further information on applying for these programs.

Do I need to purchase the school-designated computer?
We operate on a leasing system for our One-to-One notebook program. This program provides students with a machine that is set up for maximum learning outcomes at BSE. This lease needs to be paid before the school year commences. We do not have a BYOD option.

How do I organise uniform?
Uniform information will be in your transition pack in October. All BSE uniform is sourced through Mensland at Strath Village.

How much am I expected to pay to start Year 7?
The cost of beginning Year 7 can vary depending on the programs your child is involved in. There are three main aspects to start-up costs: 1) College levies and fees; 2) Uniform and; 3) Books and stationery. More information will be provided in your transition pack in October.

How will I be able to monitor my child’s academic process?
BSE has a virtual learning platform called BSE Virtual. Here, you will be able to access feedback, marks and additional information. The students receive login details at the beginning of the year and parents will receive theirs shortly after.

My child has additional needs in their learning, who do I contact?
Bendigo South East College has a number of trained professionals in our Student Support Centre. The General Office will direct your inquiries to the appropriate person.