College Council

Our college council plays a vital role in the educational opportunity and outcomes of all students. It is given the power to set the key directions for the college and directly influences the quality of education we provide. In essence, the role of college council is one of setting the long-term future goals and maintaining oversight of the school’s operation. The council comprises of parent, department and co-opted members.

To contact the College Council, send an email to the BSE General Office’s email address (found here) with “Message to College Council” in the subject line.

Sue Masters

Parent Members
Eddie Castle
Jos Duivenvoorden
Sue Masters
Cameron Rogister
Kathleen Pleasants
Rachel Sanders

Community Members
Greg Jacobs
David Brownbill
Glenn Dashwood
Rachel James

DET Members
Brendan Moloney
Paul Malloy
Danielle Scanlon
Maree Seery

Student Members

Ex-Officio (acting)
Julie Robertson

Melissa Walker