Nay on Triple J

Year 10 student Nay Ye Aung has his song played on Triple J

Year 10 student Nay Ye Aung has had one of his original songs played on Triple J Unearthed on Tuesday night. Nay is excited and humbled to have his music broadcasted on national radio.

“It was really cool to hear something of my work, especially as something as personal as this” Nay said.

His song ‘In the Crowd’ was written about one of his former teachers who has since moved away to pursue her dreams. Nay wrote the song for Musician of the Year 2018 and performed it whilst she was present.

“It was a really special moment” he said. “It was something close to my heart…that it was one-hundred percent real.”

He composed this as a part of an album and worked with two violinists and a cellist on this particular track.

His work has already caught the attention of industry heavyweights, including Sony and Mushroom. Triple J presenter Izzy who played the song on her program, making some positive comments about Nay’s song.

“How beautiful are those strings at the end?” she complemented.
“[The song] is so beautiful. He does it all himself. Writing, producing everything. Huge stuff from Nay!”

Ellen Kate-Waayers, the ACA Artistic Development Coach, says that Nay has grown as a performing artist since he first joined BSE.

“He [constantly] works very hard to get better and improve tracks he has already put down, so to have interest from other people is very exciting for him.”

Nay follows former ACA students Fae Scott (yergurl) and Kian with their work recognised on Triple J Unearthed. Whilst Nay has great personal ambitions for the future, his focus remains on his education.

“As much as I love this, if I was offered a million-dollar record deal tomorrow, I would definitely think about my education first.”

The BSE Community is excited to see what the future holds for Nay.

Patti set for National Stage

Patti Fawcett through to final of national Melbourne International Comedy Festival Class Clown event

Bendigo South East College student Patti Fawcett has successfully made her way through to
the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Class Clowns National competition.

Patti took part in the Victorian State event in the Melbourne Class heats at the Arts Centre
Melbourne. She was initially unsuccessful but received a wild card entry, going on to win the
section and the State Final which took place on Saturday 16 March 2019. This was one step
further from her last attempt in 2018.

Patti says that being a part of such an event was a joy and that her success at the regional
and state events were a bonus. She says working alongside other up-and-coming
comedians creates an atmosphere of great energy that makes for an incredible experience.

Patti was able to work alongside professional comedians such as Sammy J and Geraldine
Hickey. She says that the feedback that she received from them was more than valuable for
her going forward.

Patti is a Year 10 student and is involved in The Academy of Creative Arts – one of the
signature programs offered at Bendigo South East College. She says that one of her
teachers (Ms Ellen-Kate Waayers) recommended she apply for this competition. From
there, Patti entered on her own accord and is now reaping the rewards.

Her set is based on various stories from home whilst touching on some of the key issues of
the day, including politics and climate change.

The final of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Class Clowns will take place at the
Melbourne Town Hall on Friday 29 March 2019.