College Council Vacancies

College Council Vacancies

Thursday 6th June 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

As a result of a recent resignations we currently have two (2) vacancies for the following roles on the BSE College Council.

1x Parent Member

1x Community Member

The Council have the option to appoint a community member/s onto Council with a specific skill set to ensure effective Governance of the College. The preference of the College Council is that the positions be filled by a current parent from the college, however as there is also a community member role, it can be filled from outside the parent cohort to ensure we gain the skills needed in the position.

At present the College is looking for a new member with Business experience and/or qualifications to undertake the role of Treasurer. The role of Treasurer participates as a member on College Council and Chairs the Finance Committee which meets monthly on a Monday afternoon the week prior to Council meetings. The College Council currently meet 6pm on the 4th Monday of each month.

Council forms an essential governance role for the College, providing oversight and support to ensure that the College Leadership, and teaching staff, are best positioned to ensure our students continue to receive a world class education. This support is critical to ensure the College operates efficiently and supports our large student base and college community. In 2019 the college has over 1500 students, with strong demand already for the 2020 school year.

In 2018 the College had a net operating surplus for the school year, which was derived via new budgeting processes, and a strong commitment by program leaders and teaching staff. However due to historic processes, we are currently working with the Department of Education to remediate an imbalance between financial commitments and funds available.

As the current College Council President and outgoing Treasurer I will be available to support the incoming Treasurer to ensure that the transition is as easy as possible.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in either role, please email by close of business next Friday 14th June.

Yours sincerely,

BSE College​