BSE Ally Network (LGBTI)


Bendigo South East College’s vision is for every student to feel safe, secure and included in our school community.

Our vision is all school members are safe from discrimination and harassment. The BSE Ally Network aims to provide staff with training in supplying awareness and support for students in the LGBTI community. We aim to develop a school community that is accepting of everyone and has a better understanding of the experience of people in the LGBTI community.

Staff who are BSE Allies will be the following:

  • Be a safe person for students or staff to speak to without prejudice and provide support where necessary,
  • Create a culture that is inclusive of all people within the school community with their work inside the college,
  • Values and celebrates diversity and the LGBTI community,
  • Challenge any homophobic, transphobic, sexist language or behaviour in a way that will encourage change and learning for all school members,
  • Be informed and sensitive towards diverse sexualities, people with natural intersex variations and diverse gender identities,
  • Publicly acknowledge that they have been trained in supporting LGBTI students and staff by placing the Ally Network sticker on their laptop, office door, diary and branding their email signature,
  • Not in any way act in a clinical role as a Wellbeing advisor, Counsellor, Social Worker, Case Worker or Physchologist (unless employed to do so).