Bendigo Education Plan (BEP)

BSE is a school we’re all proud of because it nurtures creative intellect, skills and capabilities to successfully thrive in the 21stcentury.”

BSE has strong community support and input into learning programs; alongside highly experienced and talented staff and excellent student leaders. We are part of a community with high expectations. We invite you to explore further our exciting, future-orientated innovation in government education as part of the Bendigo Education Plan 2018.  The plan for the next ten years aligns with the Education State’s vision to give every Victorian the opportunity to thrive, prosper, and actively participate in society no matter their background or circumstance.

The BEP is a unique, local plan that aims to connect the different education sectors in Bendigo, creating clear pathways and access to high-quality educational services from birth, through schooling and into higher education, training and employment. This plan will bring the local community together to work towards achieving this common goal.

Based on what was heard from the local community, along with analysis of local data and educational expertise, a broad steering committee (made up of key stakeholders from the local community, including school Principals and representatives from local organisations) developed the new Bendigo Education Plan to meet the needs of the community now and into the next 10 years.

View the Bendigo Education Plan 2018.

For more information on Bendigo Education Plan, visit Engage Victoria