Welcome Barkley!

Barkley has spent her first week at Bendigo South East College.

She joins the school through the College’s commitment to the Dogs Connect Program this semester, supported with funding from the Bendigo Community Health Services (BCHS) and School Focus Youth Services (SFYS.) BSE will continue to work towards having our own school dog to help focus on student and staff wellbeing.

Barkley is a Groodle (Golden Retriever/ Poodle cross) which makes her non-allergenic and does not shed her fur. She is also very gentle in nature. Her first task is to learn, relax, and become familiar with her new surroundings.

It is important that people who are at the school to continue as normal and not provide any attention to her or to approach her.

Barkley will be homed by Ange Tremain in our Student Support Centre, with our staff guided through the process by Grant Shannon from Dog Connect over the next two terms.

BSE Swimming Carnival

Shamrock have won the 2019 BSE Swimming Carnival on a sunny day at the Faith Leech Aquatics Centre.

It was a highly competitive day with each house gunning for valuable house points in swimming, diving, water polo, novelty events, as well as chanting and cheering.

There were a number of personal bests achieved, as well as some school records. It was great to see the staff get involved in the annual staff versus students relay race.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the event. It was great to see a number of parents attend the event too.

Age Champions

U13 Girl – Milla Tzaros (Shamrock)
U13 Boy – Todd Robbins (Shamrock)

U14 Girl – Emily Kearns (Fortuna)
U14 Boy – Declan Jupp-Brischetto (Fortuna)

U15 Girl – Zali Lau (Fortuna)
U15 Boy – Matt Baxter (Fortuna) and Tyler Wilkie (Shamrock)

U16 Girl – Ella Noble (Rosalind)
U16 Boy – Caleb Jupp-Brishetto (Alexandra)

U17 Boy – Ned Buckell (Alexandra)


Bicknell’s Super Fish

Boy – Declan Jupp-Brischetto (Fortuna)
Girl – Zali Lau (Fortuna)


Participation Points from Trials

1st – Rosalind – 734 points
2nd – Alexandra – 713 points
3rd – Shamrock – 691 points
4th – Fortuna – 506 points

Girls Champion Houses

1st – Shamrock – 308 points
2nd – Rosalind – 265 points
3rd – Fortuna – 249 points
4th – Alexandra – 215 points


Boys Champion Houses

1st – Shamrock – 287 points
2nd – Alexandra – 285 points
3rd – Rosalind – 226 points
4th – Fortuna – 225 points


Overall Champion House

1st – Shamrock – 595 points
2nd – Alexandra – 500 points
3rd – Rosalind – 491 points
4th – Fortuna – 474 points

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    Excursion Eyes Design

    Eyes were on design as 20 students visited Quantum Victoria for a 3D modelling and printing experience using Computer Aided Design software. The 3D printers build objects layer by layer using biodegradable plastics. 3D printers have revolutionised the additive manufacturing industry and have made some of the most challenging real-world problems possible. Skill development included: observation, resilience through productive failure, mathematics, problem solving and trouble shooting, design thinking, engineering, collaboration and digital fluency.

    Race Teams Up the Pace

    Well done to our two HPV teams for their efforts in the Round 4 Victorian HPV Grand Prix Series at Casey. Our Year 10 group, BSE1, finished third and BSE2 came ninth in their categories.
    Teacher Robert Forbes says: ‘BSE1 was looking really strong in second place for most of the day but some mechanical issues later in the day saw them drop to third. ‘It was great to see our students deal with these problems and still put in their all, clawing back two of the six laps we went down getting the vehicle drive able again. They all showed great team spirit.’ Thank you to all students, parents and BSE staff for their efforts A shout out to co-captain Keahma’s dad Rod for the photos!