BSE Virtual is the place where assessments results are found. To access your child’s assessment results, log in using your parent/carer account then go to the ‘Assessment Tasks’ option under the Learning menu at the top of the page.

The ‘Assessment Tasks’ page lists all of the completed and upcoming Learning Assessments for your child. If you have multiple children at BSE the list of tasks will be a combined list of Assessments for all students. To access the Results for a particular Assessment, click on the Results button on the right side of the page.

The “Results” button becomes visible on the Friday two weeks after the due date. The time between the due date and the results being published is when staff assess learning artifacts and moderate for accuracy/consistency. Staff do have the opportunity to publish results earlier than the standard timeline.

In 2021 students have two types of assessments:

Formative Assessments – A checkpoint for student progress in the current unit of learning. Students reflect upon their progress so far in the unit using all feedback received and put in place strategies to improve their learning in the lead up to Summative Assessment.

Summative Assessment – The final opportunity for students to demonstrate their achievements during the unit of learning. Students do not have further opportunity to demonstrate their growth and achievements for the current unit of learning after the summative assessment has been completed.


The Learning Assessment results page contains the teacher ratings allocated for your child’s attitude, effort and behaviour in class (from ‘needs attention’ to ‘excellent’). The page also indicates how your child is progressing against the Victorian Curriculum, the mandated curriculum set by the Victorian Government.

Our Victorian Curriculum progress ratings for Formative Assessment tasks use a three point scale:
Working toward standard – Is not on track to reach the expected level by the end of the unit.
At standard – Is on track to reach the expected level by the end of the unit.
Above standard – Is on track to perform above the expected level by the end of the unit.

Students can also be rated as ‘Not Assessed’ if there were extenuating circumstances.

The Victorian Curriculum achievement ratings for Summative Assessment tasks will use letter grades:

Each letter grade can have a ‘plus’ version (i.e. D+), indicating that the student is performing above the letter indicated but not enough to reach the next level of (e.g. C+ means that the student is performing above expected standard but is not quite six months ahead).

Students can also be rated as ‘Not Assessed’ if there were extenuating circumstances or ‘Ungraded’ if their work was not adequate to enable accurate assessment of performance.

If you wish to discuss the results of your child’s Learning Assessments, please contact their classroom teacher using BSE messaging. Alternatively, phone the College and ask to be put through to their teacher.

For further information about any of the above information, please email: