ADP Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - ADP

What is the Athlete Development Program?

The Athlete Development Program (ADP) is an integrated program, combining sport and classroom learning, that aims to support students in developing a range of skills through tailored specialist coaching to develop high-level skills for .

Who is eligible to participate in the ADP?

After successfully operating at Bendigo South East College, the ADP has been expanded to include students from This aligns with the Bendigo Education Plan’s vision of schools working together to give young people equal access to quality programs, facilities and opportunities.

My child wants to apply for the program for 2021 . How can I support this?

We suggest reading through the parent information booklet available through your secondary school’s website which will have information about selection criteria and the application . Applications open 9th June 2020 and close 31st July 2020. We encourage you to submit the Expression of Interest form as a first step ( ADP Expression of Interest 2021). From there, we will get in touch to work on next steps. If you feel your child does not meet the selection criteria, we recommend working with your current school or child’s sporting club to work towards meeting that criteria.

What are the pathway opportunities for students involved in the program?

The program provides student athletes with a specialised training and development environment to support both their academic and personal efforts required to reach their goals. We will work closely with each student to determine those goals, and provide supporting pathway and development opportunities, working with the ADP team, careers staff at your school and Bendigo Senior Secondary School.

My child was not successful in their application to the ADP. What are our options?

If your child was not successful for 2021, you can get in touch with us to seek feedback via the email below. If your child wishes to apply for the 2022 program, we can discuss options that will best support a new application.

My child was accepted into the program. What happens next?

ADP staff will provide a list of requirements within each child’s acceptance email. Typically, these include:

  • Induction Evening (for new ADP families)
  • Attendance during transition and early commencement programs at the end of term four
  • Payment of fees (traditionally, required prior to the commencement of Term One 2021)

Additionally, successful applicants will be asked to sign a Student Athlete Agreement. This Agreement is designed to give student athletes participating in the ADP information about the academic, behavioural and participation expectations of the secondary schools running the program.

What will the average day look like for students involved in the program?

To support student athletes, the program focuses on linking and sport. This means a tailored approach to each student’s needs, passions and academic goals.

Typically, students will complete two technical squad sessions at Bendigo South East College (BSE), two general physical preparation sessions at BSE and one theoretical session per week at the school they usually attend.

Training times will vary for 2021. Once we have more information on student transport and times, we will be able to advise students and parents.

How much does this program cost? What are my support options financially?

Costs for the 2021 program are in the process of being finalised and will be communicated to parents and students who have registered their expression of interest.

Costs for the 2020 program were as follows.

  • Technical Squad Fee $650
  • General Physical Preparation Fee $350

The Department’s Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund provides support for eligible students accessing the program. For information visit

I’m a coach and would love to be involved in the program. Is this possible?

Get in touch! You can find contact details below.

What is the Bendigo Education Plan?

The Victorian Government is committed to transforming public education, giving young people the support, they need to become successful learners and equity of opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge and capabilities they need to thrive in the 21st century.

The Bendigo Education Plan was launched in 2018 to deliver that vision locally.

The Plan was created to deliver a culture of educational excellence for the local community, while offering accessible, quality programs, pathways and facilities to students. The Plan aims to lift engagement and developmental outcomes in collaboration with business and industry partners and the community– this includes parents, families and educators.

What does that mean for my child’s school?

vision for the Bendigo Education Plan is to provide students with equity of access to quality teaching, programs, facilities and opportunities. We want to support your child’s teachers so they can help make their students aim higher. We want to strengthen your local school community and support the collaboration between schools, families, carers and industry and promote engagement in student learning and development.

Who can I talk to if I have further questions?

For queries about the Athlete Development Program please email

For queries about the Bendigo Education Plan please email