Music Program

BSE offers a Specialist Music Program for students to learn instruments and play in a range of ensembles. We are proud of the high standard our students achieve, and the fun they have in the process. Our bands and orchestras have earned wide recognition and many awards.

We are also proud to see the flow-on benefits for the students, such as: improved organisation; self-discipline; friendships; enhanced academic performance. Each year, a high percentage of BSE’s top academic award winners are students who are enrolled in the Music Program. For all enquiries please contact the Music Coordinator, Warwick Cohen, by email:

Check out this cute “Ted Talk” video about Music and brain activity. Amazing info! Letter to Parents & Guardians

There are four essential components of our program:

Instrumental Music Lessons

Students receive tuition from expert music teachers, on a range of instruments. The 35-minute weekly lessons are organised during school hours, and are tailored to the student’s level. Beginning students have lessons in small groups allowing for peer-to-peer support and feedback. These are fun, hard-working sessions about the fundamentals of music. As the student progresses we offer individual lessons where they get specific, targeted instruction.

Instruments offered are violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba, guitar, voice, piano, percussion & drum-kit.

The tuition levy is *$375 per year for all year levels.

Ensemble Rehearsal Classes

Students in the Music Program have two 70-minute classes per week in their timetable. These are hands-on, practical classes, where students learn by playing. They cover instrument skills, performance skills, music theory and ensemble teamwork.

Performance Experience

There is no better way to learn than to have an opportunity to perform! Through the experienced mentorship from staff, students will gain experience in performance practice. They will develop skills in preparation and organisation for performance and learn how to create engaging and confident performances.

Extension Ensembles

We also offer auditioned and invitation-only ensembles that perform at an advanced level. These ensembles demand a high level of commitment, but also offer high-level rewards from performing. These ensembles are Stage Band, Chamber Strings, Saxophone Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, and Symphonic Band.

*may be subject to change.