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Week In Review November 4


Our Leadership Handover on Monday night was a great reminder of the value and quality of the program. Our Year 10 Captains made outstanding speeches, highlighting the significant contribution their teams had made to the success of our 2016 program. 

On Wednesday evening, the ‘Vietnam Veterans - 'Fifty Year On’ booklet and DVD were launched. The project highlighted why our Curriculum 2017 model is the right way to go! The learnings and outcomes were very special for students and veterans.

Thanks to Trish Di Donato and Ward Buckeridge for facilitating the project.

Next Week

On Monday evening we are holding our Dragons Sports Awards at Ulumbarra. We also have a number of sports finals coming up.

Achieving our Academic Goals

The next few weeks are critical for students to achieve promotion/graduation with the last round of LAs and SAC fortnight being run. Please assist where possible with meeting deadlines. 

Coming Up

Monday 7th – Sports Awards

Friday 11th – Remembrance Day 

Week Following – ‘Beauty and the Beast’ School Production, tickets available from Ulumbarra. We hope to see you there!

Ernie Fleming