Event Reports

Sandhurst Division Soccer

BSE Dragons Year 7 Girls Soccer Sandhurst Division Champions

The BSE Dragons Year 7 girls soccer team had their first outing against Catholic College to decide the Sandhurst Division championship.

The Dragons started well and created some early chances.  The opposition had a number of very good players who were also testing our defense.  Half way through the first period, Kat finished off a period of sustained pressure by slotting a very good goal.  BSE were able to hold the lead till half time.

The Catholic College girls came out and dominated the second half, equalising not long after the break.  To the BSE Dragons credit they battled hard and against the run of play were able to go ahead again through striker Jaz.

Catholic College then created a lot of chances but the Dragons hung on to score a first up win.  Well done to all squad members for taking on a new challenge on a pupil free day!

They now travel to Echuca to compete in the Regional finals early in Term 3.

Team:  Matisse Cugura, Aimee Griffiths, Jessie Jenkyn, Mikayla Lock-Munro, Aalia Polidano, Georgia Pianta-Cook, Katerina Pizzo, Jasmine Hebble, Caitlin Laing, Michaela McLeod, Ella Noble, Abbi O'connor, Isabella Pitto, Natasha Bratby, Alyssa Bury, Molly Byrne, Jade Donnelly, Lucia Dyer, Lilly haley-Farr, Neneh Lane U'Ren, Lilli Visser