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Royal South Street Society ACU Debating Competition

Royal South Street Society ACU Debating Competition

This year for the first time students from Bendigo South East College took part in the debating as part of the Royal South Street Society. RSSS actually began 124 years ago solely as a debating competition, only later expanding into other areas.

The debates were held in the formal setting of the Ballarat Town Hall, a majestic old building that really set the scene for the competition.

Corinne Harris, James Cameron and Kianna Morris argued the negative side of the topic that social media are reducing our social skills. Their team line was that social media are actually enhancing social skills. They were able to show that was true, and easily won the debate against Phoenix College.

Helena Watson, Zedekai Thorpe and Cedar-Rose Russell had the affirmative side of their debate against St Patrick's College. The topic was that information technology is an essential aid to learning. They were able to use their own experience with our 1:1 technology, Echo 360, Google Classroom and Docs, and, of course our BSE Virtual to demonstrate the importance of information technology and win their debate also!

These two teams just keep growing and developing their skills in forming arguments and in public speaking, and it is a pleasure to watch them in action!  We will find out this week if they are in the top four teams to go through to the semi-finals - and face another freezing day in Ballarat...