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Motivational Speaker Nadine Champion Visits BSE

Be Brave, Speak Up

On the 1st of March, 2016, we went to the Schweppes Centre to watch a motivational speaker, Nadine Champion, a martial arts expert. She spoke about many things including her life struggles and how she got through them. She spoke about her Sensi, which was a father figure to her. 

One thing I found very powerful was the 10 seconds of courage. When she was scared and she didn’t know if she could do it she would just convince herself to have courage for 10 seconds to get started. Once started, she realised it wasn’t that hard at all. The 10 seconds of courage was all she needed to be brave. This really stuck in my head and it made me think of all those times where I did just needed 10 seconds of courage to complete something I thought was too hard. She talked about when she used this and how it really changed her life and world. 

She really inspired me to be brave and not be scared of failing. She made me feel empowered to put my hand up and do something, even if I thought I would fail and be proud I had enough courage to put my hand up and try in the first place. She really motivated me and made me feel like I could do anything. 

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On Tuesday, the 1st of March, Nadine Champion gave us an inspirational speech about being brave and speaking up. She kept saying all we need to have is 10 seconds of courage, to embed it in our head. 

When the Win news commentator came and approached me, she asked me to get an interview with her. At first I was worried about being embarrassed but then I said to myself that it’s time for 10 seconds of courage, so I went on with the interview. After I did, I felt really good about myself. 

Apostoli Sakizlis