Event Reports

Intermediate Boys & Girls Hockey - Sandhurst Division

BSE Dragons Intermediate Hockey Teams Compete in Sandhurst Division

From 9am, 21st of August, the atmosphere amongst the BSE Intermediate Hockey Squads was buzzing in anticipation.

The girls kicked off the day winning their first game, busting with relief and excitement.  This pattern followed suit for the rest of the games.

The boys fought great games throughout the day as well, progressing to the finals with the girls.

The girls played their final first and brought aggressive intensity but resulting in a draw at full time.  In sudden death, shots by Rennie, Corinne and Zara, secured a win.

The boys played next and despite fearsome efforts, and sudden death also, they could not quite sneak the ball past Girton's goal keeper.

Overall, an awesome effort and awesome day!  Both teams now go onto the Regional Finals.

A huge thank you to Ros, our fearsome/awesome coach.  We are ready and excited for the next challenge.

Girls Team:  Cassandra Meehan, Meghan Chapman, Emily Cossar, Taylor Mann, Jessie Stradbrook, Alivia Tuohey, Zara White, Poppie Conn, Sarah McClusky, Rennie Sardone, Madison hall, Eve Lyon, Kaitlyn Arnold, Chloe Witton, Ella Whitehead, Halla Kuku,Corinne Kinsman.

Boys Team:  Jackson Guan, Arthur Holton, Lachlann Dobeli, Luis Blythman, Bailey Brown, Jordan Sutherland, Sam Van Dalen, Spain Ndikumana, Jack Vinnicombe, Brayden Bowles, Lachlan Stephens, Ben Yarwood, Wee La Mor Klay, Jordan Quirk, Jake Richardson, Jye Foggitt.