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BSE Production 'Hairspray' Sellout


BSE Production 'Hairspray' Raises the Roof in The Capital Theatre.

Bendigo South East College cast and crew of 'Hairspray' has bumped out of The Capital Theatre, Bendigo after a sell out final night.

The show was amazing, captivating and from many reviewers, 'the best show ever!'  

Students had a 'ball', whether playing a main role, chorus or in the back stage crew.

Weeks of rehearsals paid off!  The costumes were amazing,  The cast could not have asked for a more professional and 'well oiled' back stage crew.  All matinee and night performances went off very well with audiences left wanting more.

The Director, Mr Tramm - 'The next level.  A great show.  Well worth all the work.'

The Music Director, Mr Briggs, - 'thoroughly enjoyed the show and sharing the 'learning' with all the cast and crew.'

The Back Stage Director, Ms Waayers - 'The students had a fantastic time and really made a great show!  There was some amazing talent on the stage singing, dancing and acting.  I felt proud and honoured to be involved!  Congratulations to all of the students for their efforts.'

The Choreographer, Ms Lierse - 'I hope we encouraged students to strive to perform to be the very best they can be.'

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  • 'The production was the best experience of my life and everyone who went loved it to.'  Nikki L
  • 'Simply the best experience I've had at BSE.'  Froilan A
  • 'I loved being in the production this year.  It was so much fun and I got to meet some new people. Looking forward to next year!'  Alanah R
  • 'I am Christiana and I was in Corny Collin show chorus group.  I loved the experience.  I gained confidence and can't wait till next year.  Thank you to the staff and teachers that helped.  So get involved next year; it really is worth it!'  Christina T
  • 'I really enjoyed being a part of the production.  The show was amazing and I am so sad it is over.  Everyone had such a great time and we learnt more about each other than we ever have. It is so sad to move on to Bendigo Senior and leave production behind.'  Milly D
  • 'Just wanted to say production was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I had the best time working with the amazing cast and crew.'  Kim K
  • 'I loved playing the bass in Hairspray.  It was a big change of music style and instrument for me, but it was brilliant fun to play.  I got to know some really great professional musicians and also I improved my skills.'  Sheri T
  • 'During my two years of attending BSE College, I have participated in Hairspray this year, and The Whiz, last year.  I have made a whole new bunch of friends from each year level.  My confidence, singing, speaking and dancing skills have increased.  I would highly recommend all students to be a part of the BSE productions each year.  The shows we create and perform are almost magical.'  Jazmyn F
  • 'Because I was hair and makeup, I thought I would just be working in the background and not many people would notice, but while I helped people get ready before their performance, they all chatted to me - which I wasn't expecting - and I made heaps of friends.  Everyone in production was absolutely amazing and their performance blew me away!  I'm actually going to miss them, but I'm definitely coming to help out next year.  The best part was everyone's positive and cheerful attitude.'  Ruby B
  • 'Production is unreal and brings people together.  You meet new people.  It is a great way to celebrate the year that has past.'  Cassandra O
  • 'This was definitely a step up from the primary school productions I have done.  I loved every minute of Hairspray from watching the pre performance nerves of my friends to the tears of all the year 10's.  It was a great experience!  I would happily do it all again.  I have met so many different people from this great experience.  A MASSIVE thanks to all the teachers, students past and present all the parents/people that took the kids to the Monday and Sunday rehearsal. Without everyone, there would be no show!'  Emily S
  • 'Production for me was an amazing experience, it is so much fun and you get a brand new family that cares for you.  It is so fun much because you get to dance and sing.  Ms Lierse, thank you for teaching us the dance moves.'  Rhuby-Lee B 
  • ''Hairspray was a really fun show to do this year.  It was especially good since it was the last year of production for a lot of year tens.  It was great to get the opportunity to play Corny Collins. It was really enjoyable working with such a great cast and crew and it was just brilliant to see all our hard work come together at the end of the year.'  Dane K
  • 'Production was lots of fun and I made a lot of great new friends :)'  Sarah S
  • 'During my production experience I made lots of new friends, I also had heaps of fun rehearsing and performing the show!  The whole production was a fantastic experience that I would love to do again!'  Leah B
  • 'I would highly recommend to anyone considering taking part in the BSE production to go for it! Hairspray was such a rewarding and fun experience that I am proud to say I was a part of.  The environment was so welcoming and friendly, it was definitely a highlight of my life this year!' Maddi S
  • 'Hairspray this year was a great production, especially being first year at BSE.  The leads did an amazing job and I'm thankful to be given the opportunity to sing with such talented students.' Erin M
  • 'It was such an A-MAZING experience & I am definitely taking part in the next one.'  Makeelie D
  • 'My favourite production I have ever been in, the leads were amazing as were the music and costumes.  A great experience.'  Sienna!
  • 'It was a fantastic show and very enjoyable!  You could tell that the performers were having an awesome time and that so much effort and work had gone into the final presentation.'  Sophie K
  • 'In 2013 BSE school production of Hairspray has been a great experience.  I have become more confident with talking and singing in front of people.  I have also made lots of new friends.  I think that everyone should have a go at production next year because it's such a great experience and its a lot of fun.'  Chloe D
  • 'The production was a fun-filled adventure.  I am proud of everybody's achievements & look forward to next year!'  Paris J
  • 'This was the best experience being lead.  I loved playing Edna.  I miss Hairspray already and wish we had a DVD, as I would watch it again and again.  My family in Adelaide could also get to see it.  Just because you get chorus doesn't mean you will never be a lead.  I did three years as chorus.  I loved every minute of the experience.'  Rebecca S