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Debaters Association of Victoria State Finals

BSE Debaters Participate in Victorian State Finals Playoff

James Cameron, Corinne Harris and Kiana Morris, debated against students from Firbank Grammar in the first round of the State Finals Series.

The topic was 'High income earning parents should have to send their children to public schools'.  As the negative team, I expected our students to prepare their arguments around the idea of the elitist divide this would cause between public and private schools, but our students surprised me.  Yes, they argued that it was an unfair policy, but their arguments centered around the fact that students who had to go to private schools, would be missing out on the great opportunities that they receive at a public school.

This is another testament to the hard working staff at our school who endeavour to offer an enormous array of activities for our students from numerous sports, to Languages, Poetry, Mathematics, Science and Engineering, to Outdoor Ed, Pre-driver, Equestrian, to Art exhibitions, Bands competitions, Orienteering and Short films, World Challenge and German Exchange programs, just to mention a few.

It's really no wonder they would have taken this line of argument in their debate.

I was very proud of their representation for their school and their passion throughout the Debate.  Well Done!

Written by Ellen-Kate Waayers