Event Reports

Debaters Association Of Victoria

BSE Students Compete in Debaters Association of Victoria Junior Public Speaking Semi-Finals

Alyssa Lai and Cedar-Rose Russell faced off against 25 other students in the Debaters Association of Victoria Junior Public Speaking Semi-finals.  They both took time to refine their speeches from the regional competition to produce well polished, persuasive speeches on set topics.

Alyssa's speech was on the topic:  'The children should be free'.  Her approach to the topic focused on the rise in depression and anxiety in young people.

Cedar-Rose chose the topic:  'Good things come to those who wait'.  Cedar argued, we need to set goals and make things happen in our lives rather than waiting idly by.

They both presented very confidently.  Both students have a very engaging manner through constant eye contact.  They used variation in vocal tone, volume and pace to great effect.

Congratulation to Alyssa who made it through to the Grand Final to be held in September.