Event Reports

DAV Junior Public Speaking

BSE Students Develop Their Public Speaking Skills

When we arrived at Maribrynong College we were all excited but also extremely nervous over the whole concept. We headed into the school library and met all the other speakers. There was only two other schools competing, 11 people in total. Everyone was really friendly and we knew we were going to have a wonderful day. We then started our workshop, which focused on impromptu speeches. After the workshop and a short break we finally stared our prepared speeches. We all did well in our speeches and got some really good feedback from the judges. 

After lunch we had to complete two impromptu speeches in which we had five minutes to prepare a speech. Only having five minutes was really hard but we all manage to plan our speeches and present them well.

Overall, we all learnt so much from this experience and had a really good day. We are looking forward to finding out the results, potentially moving forward but also all the other opportunities we will have in the future.

Alyssa, Amy, Jasdeep.