Event Reports

City of Greater Bendigo Leadership Day

BSE's SRC Participated In Leadership Day Run By City Of Greater Bendigo

On Monday the 22nd of February, members of the college’s SRC team participated in a leadership day that was run by the City of Greater Bendigo’s Youth Coordinator, Rory White. 

The day provided the SRC with a way to come together, to improve our skills as a leader and change the way that we approach issues within our community. 

The day was hosted by a lady named Kate, whose extensive background in leadership, helped to get the very best out of ourselves. 

The day began with a few icebreakers, to see how well each of us knew one another and then dove into some more serious issues, like empathy and communication, where we took part in activities to make us more aware of these issues. It was then our turn to come up with our own issues within the school and look for solutions to these issues.

By the end of the day, with our new issues in hand, we each took something valuable from the day, both as individuals and as a whole SRC.

Jack Sides