Event Reports

BSE Year 7 Alexandra Camp Experience

Year 7 Alexandra Camp 2016

Arriving At The Year 7 Angelsea Camp~

When we arrived at the Year 7 Angelsea Camp we had to grab any bag and take it to outside the Dining Hall. Then we made our way to the shaded area to eat our snack and get our activity groups. I was in Group 8. First we had High Ropes, which was very fun but a bit scary at the same time. My friends and I were a bit disappointed that we didn't get to go on the Big Swing but it didn't matter after a while. After we had a few goes on the High Ropes, we went Canoeing, which was a bit of a walk to get there. The canoes had three seats for three people but some groups had four people. We had to have a leader in our group; I had Bella Robinson who is part of the Co-Curricular. I also had Matisse in my canoe who is one of my best friends. We stopped at banks while we were canoeing and all held onto each other’s boats. Then the instructor told the front person to stand up and to start jumping. It was a bit scary because I didn't want to fall in! Then the second person did it and then the third. He said we did this because he wanted to show us that we trusted each other. Then we went under bridges and played a game. Everyone splashed someone in the game we played. When we were going under bridges you were supposed to go forwards, but Bella, Matisse and I were facing backwards for a majority of the time so we had to go under backwards! It was fun most of the time, but not fun because I hit my head going backwards under the bridge.

The Night At Camp~

For our evening meal at camp we had chicken with rice for tea and then we had chocolate mousse for dessert. After that we had activities that went towards winning the Iron Trophy and a participation award. The first activity my group had was the prima skulling challenge. I had to go twice. Then we had the Balloon Popping Challenge, where we had to tie up a balloon and pop it on a chair by sitting on it. Then we had to solve a code in a grid, on the ground by stepping in certain squares. Our last activity was throwing a Ping-Pong ball into a bucket/hat. Our team did quite well at that. Once we had finished every activity we found out what team had won. It was a four-way tie, so considering we were part of that tie we had to choose someone from our group to make a speech. It was then down to our team and team number 1. Only team number 1 cheered for their team and basically, everyone else cheered for our team. So we won! We were all so happy! We got a fake medal, which I broke and got to shake hands with the Leaders who witnessed this breathtaking win! Then we headed off to bed.

Jessie Jenkyn