Event Reports

BSE Students Win Science & Engineering Challenge

BSE Students Win Science & Engineering Challenge for the 12th Year in a Row.

On Tuesday 27th May, a group of 32 Year 9 & 10 students competed in the Science & Engineering challenge, with help from Mr Vance and Mr Jones.

We were split into groups of 4 and each group were allotted a colour, which dictated what activities we were to do for the day.  

Each group completed one full-day activity or two half-day activities, with lunchtime in between. The activities included; bridge-building, hovercrafts, eco-habitat, flight, electricity, string ways and helter skelter shelter.

Our teams all did really well, winning the majority of our individual events, and contributing towards our whole team score.  In the end, after a full day of fun, we were relieved to hear that Bendigo South East had placed first for the 12th year in a row, with the highest score in the history of the school.

Captains Mitch Legg and Rachel Mavromoustakakis were so relieved and grateful for the whole team's effort in practice sessions beforehand and also on the day.

Team Members: Mitchell Legg, Rachel Mavromoustakakis, Jakub Koska, Alexandra Moat, Kate Salvador, Rebecca Dower, Thomas Floyd, Angela Stevens, Lisa Norbart, Thomas Davies, Chloe Freeman, Taylor Harvey, Max Chamberlin, Grace Edlin, Hughie Gibson, Matthew harris, Corinne Kinsman, Thomas Mannix, Jarrod Coad, Marcus Ryan, Jemimah Bish, Elizabeth Hallinan, Anna King, Lara Kofoed, Bridie Noble, Temuna Quayle, Carter Harris, Gary Nanere, Anna Tchernomoroff, Casey Barczynski, Emmaby Barton Grace, Kelly Phan.