Event Reports

BSE Students Debate Against Other Secondary Colleges

BSE Students Test Their Debating Skills

This round of the Debate Competition contained two Debates, one prepared topic and one a secret topic.  The motion for the prepared topic was, 'That we should not grant developing countries the right to host International Sporting events.'  The topic and the research we acquired allowed the team to expand our knowledge on famous sporting events and the economics involved.  

The second motions was, 'That every citizen should be required to do compulsory environmental service.'  Because this was a secret topic, no research was done, but our team managed to think about the logic of the statement and to form legitimate arguments on the spot.  

As a school our squad has done, excellently winning 7 out of 10 Debates.  This competition has opened our minds to current issues and helped us make informed decisions about them.  

We also socialized with students from other schools, like Mckillop College and Weerona College, giving us the opportunity to learn from other students our age.