Event Reports

BSE Science Class

BSE Year 8 Science Visit the Discovery Centre

I restlessly looked around on my bus seat, talking animatedly to my friends to distract me. 

We were going to be late if they didn’t come soon. Eventually they did arrive and we were late by only a few minutes. 

The bus trip was short and sweet, it was pretty cool seeing Bendigo from a bit higher up.
Then we arrived the Discovery Centre. We were shown into the planetarium, I truly forgot how awesome it was. 

My friends and I sat in some chairs up the back while everyone else lied on the floor. Our class was taken on a journey through space, seeing models of all the planets the Sun and Pluto, immersed in the darkness of the room. 

We were told about the planets and constellations and then it was time to go back to school.

I really liked how everything was so quite in the room. We were super immersed and learnt a lot to get the full planetarium experience.

Written by Isabelle 8D