Event Reports

BSE Outdoor Ed Camp

BSE Year 9 Ou
tdoor Ed Camp Experience 

On the 28th and 29th of April, Mr Gloury’s Year Nine Outdoor Ed class participated in their second camp for the year. This camp took us to Mount Alexander near Harcourt; the primary focus being on bushwalking and teamwork.

Students were required to partake in a day-long hike from the base of the mountain to the peak and back along The Saddle. This was quite the test for some students many whom had never carried a hiking pack before, so this experience was definitely a great learning experience for all involved. 

Aside from walking, another main focus of the camp was improving teamwork skills, through a variety of icebreakers and games. By the end of the camp it is safe to say that every person that went on the camp as an individual gained quite a lot of knowledge as a leader and skills to develop further heading into the future. 

During this camp we learnt quite a lot about the environment and how to remain sustainable part of said environment. 

There were many highlights during this camp, some of which included; scaling the rocks at Dogs Rocks, playing games along the walking trail, playing games in the campsite, wet weather games and most importantly hot chips in Castlemaine!

Despite receiving rain on the second and final day of our camp, our spirits were in no way dampened.

A huge thank you must go towards all staff involved in the organisation of the camp, Mr Gloury, Mr Fawcett and our pre-service teacher Miss Coad. Without their contribution this camp would not have given us valuable life learning opportunities.