Event Reports

BSE Dragons Tennis Team

BSE Dragons Tennis Team Compete in Sandhurst Division

As we arrived to school BSE were excited and nervous for the big day of tennis ahead.  We completed our warm up matches and the pairs were decided.  both the girls and boys teams won against Eaglehawk.  although we fought hard against Girton the boys and girls lost.  

We had a good win against Weeroona, defeating three of the sets 6-0.  The boys won against Castlemaine and the girls won against East Loddon.

The second last game was against CCB who had stsrong teams, even though we lost we were competitive.

The boys are now versing Crusoe and the girls are versing Castlemaine.  We've all had a great day playing Our Sport, Tennis,

Written by Leah Bicknell

Girls Team Members:  Alyssa Cook, andrea Stee, Leah Bicknell, Natalie Bowie, Alex Pierce, Sophie Keating, Zahli Hansen, Larissa Murphy, Caitlin Rowlatt, 

Boys Team Members:  Josh Opie, Joshua Brown, Tarkyn Howlett, Luis Blythman, Bailey Rutter, Jordan Andrews, Marcus McDougall, Joel Hodge