Event Reports

BSE Dragons Badminton Team

BSE Dragons Year 7 Badminton Team Play at Albert Park in State Finals

It was with great excitement that on the 16th of September the Year 7 Boys Badminton team travelled to Albert Park in Melbourne to take part in the State Finals.

The team had a good start, winning their first game against Ballarat.  Both teams won three games out of six bring down to points and luckily we won by one point.

The second round against Brighton the team started with losing their first game.  The team again played well throughout the day but overall came third.

In round 3 against Glen Waverley the boys were up against a very good team and only won once, even so, they were extremely pleased with how well the team performed.

Many thanks to our Coach Kelly Phan and to Ms Conder for their support and encouragement throughout the day.

Team Members:  William Cornish-Drechsler, Zachary Sims, Cooper Ashman, Harrison Bell, Jordan Marcroft, Jackson Rutter.