Event Reports

Athletes perform well in relays

Mixed results in Victorian competition

On Wednesday September 6, BSE Dragons competed at the Victorian All-School Relay Championships. 

The athletes did especially well considering they were competing against some of the most prestigious private schools around the state. 

The highlight of the day was the U16 boys coming agonisingly close to silver in the 4x100m, missing the metal by just 0.15 seconds

Other results included:

  • U16 Girls 4x100m ‘A’ 5th 58.18 (heat) 
  • U16 Girls 4x100m ‘B’ 3rd 56.06 (heat) 
  • U14 Girls 4x100m ‘A’ 3rd 57.26 (heat)  
  • U16 Boys 4x100m ‘B’ 3rd 50.75 (heat) 
  • U16 Boys 4x100m ‘A’ 3rd 56.06 (heat)
  • U14 Boys 4x100m ‘A’ 3rd 52.79 (final) 
  • U16 Boys 4x100m ‘B’ 3rd 46.77 (final) 
  • U14 Boys Medley ‘A’ 4th 4:31.01 (heat) 
  • U16 Boys 4x800m ‘A’ 3rd 8:11.14 (heat)
  • U16 Girls Medley ‘A’ 5th 4:56.46 (heat) 
  • U16 Girls Medley ‘B’ 6th 5:08.14 (heat) 
  • U16 Boys Medley ‘A’ 1st 3:56.55 (heat)   

It was a good effort by all to travel the distance down to Melbourne to compete in this prestigious event. Thank you to coaches Andrew Buchanan and Nigel Self.