Event Reports

Sandhurst District Swimming Sports

BSE Compete Sandhurst Swimming Sports

The Bendigo South East Swimming Squad compete in the Sandhurst District Swimming sport against Girton, CCB, Eaglehawk SC, Weeroona SC, Crusoe SC, East Loddon SC and Bendigo Senior Secondary College.

There were many outstanding performances eg Cameron Jordan missed out on a record by 6 thousandths of a second in the breastroke, and amazing effort.

Many individual swimmers, divers and two relay teams have progressed on to the Northern Zone final held in Swan Hill on 16th March .

Diving Results
1st:  Cameron Shand, Jonas Dyett, Gemma Smith

2nd:  Hannah Smith, Taylor Harvey

3rd:  Mabel Dean, Zane Keighran, Jasper Stewart

Swimming Results
1st:  Cameron Jordan

2nd:  Mia Ward, Kelly, Phan, Cameron Jordan, Sarah McLennan, Shaina Brook (x3), Meg Parker, Lachlan Ratcliffe.

3rd:  Geordie Scarce, Alyssa Laim Zahlia Burrill-Grinton, Kyal Rasmussen, Tara Carroll, Joseph Kennedy, Georgia Lewon, Billy NcNally, Gideon Luatutu, Annie Parker (x2), Geordie Scarce (3), Meg Parker, Harry Skewes (x3), Cameron Jordan (x3), Lydia Pretty, Matilda Roberts, Zachary Mills, Zoe Kennedy, Ruby Dyer, Sarah McLennan.

4th:  Donte Thomas, Kelly Phan, Mia Ward, Zachary Mills, Brock Harvey, Jacklyn Brown, Wesley Luatutu, Jake Richardson, Zahlia Burrill-Grinton, Billy McNally.

Several of the Relay Teams also placed 2nd & 3rd.

Captains:  Shaina Brook, Billy McNally, Annie Parker Wesley Luatutu.

Team Members:  Shaina, Jacklyn, Renae, Jacob, Zahlia, Tara, Ruby Jonas, Shelby, Max, Thomas, Tara-Llimah, Brock, Taylor, Cameron, Mabel, Zane, Joseph, Zoe, Alyssa, Georgia, Gideon, Georgia, Wesley, Sarah, Billy, Zachary, Kiara, Annie Meg, Kell, Lydia, Kyal, Jake, Matilda, Jed, Geordie, Lachlan, Georgia, Bradley, Jack, Harry, Gemma, Hannah, Sebastian, Taylor, Jasper, Donte, Mia, Jeremy and Kane.

A special thanks you to the BSE VET Students for officiating on the day:  Ashlee, Abbey, Chloe, Kira and Chene`