Event Reports

Rural Living at Marong

BSE's Rural Living class participated in the 'fire for effect' day at the Marong Rifle Range.

Students brought in a variety of objects such as melons, coconuts, eggs and phone books to test their shooting skills on.  As a reward for their efforts this semester the instructors allowed students to experience shooting with a variety of different high powered centre fire rifles such as 22/250's and some very old rifles used during world conflicts like 303's and Swedish Mausers.  After all the shooting was done students were treated to a hot dog and a cold drink by the instructors, which they all enjoyed.

Once everyone's appetites were quenched, the official presentations took place where the class found out who were the most consistent performers throughout the semester.  In a very tight finish that went to a count back, Robert Waller was 3rd, Tylar Giles-Seamer 2nd, and Liam Hall was 1st.  For the field rifle competition there were 5 students who managed to get a total score over 300 (which is a great effort), but Jake Holland won overall with a massive score of 324.  We now wait to see whether this semesters group will surpass the team scores of the semester 1 class in order to take out the team trophy.

Overall the class has had a great time at the range learning about shooting in a safe and responsible manner.  They would like to thank all the instructors: Vic, Merv, Bill, Laurie and Les for giving up their time to make the shooting program such a success.

Brad Fawcett
PE Health