Event Reports

Lyndal Grant Visits BSE

Lyndal Grant Ex-Student, Works With Years 9 & 10 Drama.

Lyndal has worked and trained in London to develop skills for creating safe fight scenes for stage and film.  Year 9 & 10 Drama classes had the opportunity to participate in her Stage Combat workshops, along with her side kick Ross.

The high energy workshops were fraught with laughter, not pain, as students were guided through creating believable pushes, slaps, punches, kicks, hair pull, ear pull, and falls.  Lyndal and Ross would demonstrate an example of each move for us, resulting in shrieks from students because each move seemed very realistic.  They would then change their position in relation to the audience and reveal that they were actually standing further apart than they appeared.  Lyndal would then guide us through replicating the move in slow motion with step by step instructions to ensure that no one was actually hurt.

At the end of the session, students worked in pairs to generate and present a scene, complete with dialogue, facial expressions and the all effective 'knap' (the sound effect produced on stage to highlight the hit).  Everyone produced realistic works that were well received by the audience.

The response from students was very positive, with many gushing with their enthusiasm-not from blood loss from the 'fights'.  All students involved had a lot of fun and worked really well together.  They all learnt new skills that will no doubt be incorporated into their performances from now on.  

Special thanks to Lyndal for returning to our College and sharing her expertise with our students.

Ellen-Kate Waayers