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Centre stage at Carnegie Hall

From BYC to NYC ... singing

The plane ride to get there had to be long, and we had to be up at three in the morning to get the bus. And, coming into America we had to go though a lot of customs and our plane had to be delayed at LAX, but all-in-all it was alright because we got to sleep for 12 hours after arriving in JFK and busing it to NYC. 

Twelve hours of sleep, heavenly after 26 hours of none. Cornflakes for breakfast and no sleep-in because we need to 'go, go, go'. Thank you to the YMCA, for your terrible bathrooms, strange-feeling floors and putting up with our singing in Latin American that went very wrong. Thank you for housing us and letting us use your gymnasium and music rooms for a day. 

Thank you to Rosilie for the amazing lunch. Dinner and then off to bed for us as we have to be walking early tomorrow.

The first two-hour practise, done over and we still don’t exactly know the moves well, there’s another two hours tomorrow and BYC practise this afternoon. Wonderful lunch again, thank you Rosalie. Tomorrow, lets do this all again, except let’s have BYC practise and then whole-practise, shall we? This time we know more, thank you Gale! 

This is going very fast and we’ve had bagels for breakfast and cereal for dinner two days in a row. Saturday concert day is here, pancakes and hot chocolate with whipped cream for breakfast. BYC has another practise, but this is the last one. Thank you mum and Rosalie for putting up with my lack of liking for poultry that is not barbecued (and even then if there is another choice I will have it). Tuna sandwich again for lunch. Whole practise at Carnegie Hall and holy moly it is wonderful. No heavy-red velvet curtains, room-sphere shaped, red chairs and white everything else, gold leaf decorations and light wood for stage-floor boarding. La avispa sounds amazing in here, just hope it looks amazing, too.

The night, and we are all dressed up in our wasp costumes ready to go in. Two American choirs in black dresswear, one in its choir outfit and the last in black and yellow. The Indonesian choir was in its national dress and looked amazing. Along with my brother I made two friends. He was a crash hit with the Indonesian girls. Playing in a concert band myself meant that I could play the game 'guess' of guessing which instruments are playing at what times.

The performance was very fast and we got the whole hall to its feet. America is much more giving in musical performances. Debrief and then two days to go to the American Museum of Natural History, Statue of Liberty and in the museum see pictures of bro and sis put their hands up her spare nose. 

Go see the fearless girl and charging bull on Wall St and climb the Empire State Building. Go on a horse and carriage ride around Central Park, see squirrels (big rats with long bushy tails and a liking for nuts) and a Peregrine Falcon (probably having squirrels for lunch). 

This time on plane trip back I did sleep over the Pacific and time slowed down to catch up to me. We were delayed at JFK for an hour but it was smooth riding through LAX. Glad to be home but need to sleep badly. It’s called jet lag and it aint’ very nice.     

— Alice Carpenter, Year 9